Is the Feel Strong Hip Program for you?

In this short video our Founder and the Developer of the Feel Strong Hip Program Cath Julius explains WHY she created this program and who it is suited to.

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What can you expect?

Welcome to the Feel Strong Hip Program. This program is designed for anyone who is suffering from ongoing discomfort in the hip, groin and buttock region. We are confident it is the first step in giving you the tools and ability to return to doing what you love. Why do we believe this? Because after seeing hundreds, if not thousands of hip patients over the years, we now understand the keys to success in managing hip pain. 

Our program is based on three key components
  1. Simplicity
  2. Consistency
  3. Strategy

One of the keys to the success of this program is the simplicity of it. Too often we see patients who have tried any number of fancy exercises to “strengthen” their hips when in fact, what they really needed to do was to establish a good foundation first. You may be surprised and even sceptical at how simple some of the advice and exercises in this program are. Trust us, after many years of dealing with these conditions, simple is always the best place to start.

We frequently see people who have been prescribed the right advice but still fail to get results. Mostly, this is due to a lack of consistency in following the advice given. It is human nature to want to see results quickly, or to want to move on to newer, shiny and more exciting options, but we know that if you stick with this program you will get results. That’s why we give you the tools for success - from advice on how to form the habit of home exercises, to accountability processes, we are here to support you through the full program so you can cross the finish line of success.

The final key component for this program is strategy. This program has been designed very strategically to ensure you can work at the level that is right for you. From “exercise zones” to phase progression checklists, we will help give you the confidence and clarity to get results. 

The Program

Table of Contents

Welcome to Foundations Phase - Day 1
Welcome to the Program
2 mins
Effort Zones - How hard should I push myself?
Explanation of Loading (Video Session)
4 mins
Tendon Loading Test
2 mins
Foundations Phase - Tracker
Foundations Phase- Day 2
Using the Activity & Pain Tracker (Video Session)
6 mins
Foundations Phase- Day 3
Offloading your hip when sitting (Video Session)
5 mins
5 Simple things you can do to offload hip pain.
Foundations Phase- Day 4
Offloading your hip when standing (Video Session)
3 mins
Foundations Phase- Day 5
Offloading the hip - Don't cross the midline (Video Session)
4 mins
Foundations Phase - Day 6
A word on stretching (Video Session)
4 mins
Self Release & Mobility Class
27 mins
Foundations Phase - Day 7
End of Foundations Phase
3 mins
Activation Phase
Activation Phase - Welcome
3 mins
Activations Phase Tracker
Activation Phase - Learn It Video 1
8 mins
Activation Phase - Exercise Circuit Video 1
12 mins
Activation Phase - Learn It Video 2
10 mins
Activation Phase - Exercise Circuit Video 2
13 mins
Progress Phase
Progress Phase - Welcome
2 mins
Progress Phase - Learn It Video 1
8 mins
Progress Phase - Exercise Circuit Video 1
19 mins
Progress Phase - Learn It Video 2
9 mins
Progress Phase - Exercise Circuit Video 2
17 mins
Flare Up Strategies
4 mins
Functional Phase
Functional Phase - Welcome
3 mins

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