Birth & Beyond - Postnatal Physiotherapy 10 Week Program (for Mum's 3+ Months Postnatal) by Freedom Health

Birth & Beyond - Postnatal Physiotherapy 10 Week Program (for Mum's 3+ Months Postnatal)

Women's Health Physiotherapist support for new Mums who are more than 3 months post-partum and not experiencing complications.

This 10 week program is suitable for all Mums who are more than 3 months Postnatal and not experiencing any significant complications.

For all new mum's there are so many unknowns when it comes to the Post natal journey.
The Freedom Health, Birth & Beyond Physiotherapy Program is designed to give new mums the peace of mind that you are looking after yourself and setting up for a successful recovery over the months and years ahead, while under the guidance of trained Women's Health Physiotherapists. 
Our single goal is to support you to get back to doing what you love with confidence.

We have 2 Postnatal Programs to choose from... a 10 week and a 15 week program. The content is very much the same for both programs, with the 15 week program suitable for those starting out before 12 weeks post-partum or wanting to take things a bit slower as they begin the recovery proces in earnest.
Click here for more details on our 15 week program.


Our names are Hazel & Niamh and we would like to welcome you to the Birth & Beyond Postnatal Physiotherapy program.

How does it work?

The program is broken into 3 Modules and is spread over 10 weeks of education, support & exercise content, giving you the opportunity to gradually build your strength and confidence with the peace-of-mind that you are in charge of your recovery and your schedule.

Designed to suit you at anytime in the first 3 - 12 months postnatally, you will benefit from:
  • Posture & Feeding education
  • Pelvic Floor education & exercises
  • Bladder & Bowel care & education 
  • Diastasis education and recovery exercises
  • Pilates Classes designed specifically to progress you towards building strength and alignment so that you can safely return to doing what you love
  • Awareness & education around risks of post natal complications

If you are less than 3 months postnatal and/or are looking to build your strength more gradually, you may want to consider our 15 week program which is accessible here.

The program includes:

Over 280 mins of exercise & Pelvic Foor Recovery videos
12 educational videos & supplementary PDF's
A weekly Postnatal Support Diary to help you plan out your exercises
Downloadable educational PDF documents
Ability to reach out to our Women's Health Physios if you are unsure or needing that little bit of extra support

Book a Postnatal Assessment (and save $50)

Whilst we know you will benefit from our self managed Postnatal Programs, we do recommend a 1-on-1 Postnatal Assessment with one of our Women's Health Physiotherapists.
In this appointment your Physio will discuss your personal risk factors and go through any concerns you may have as well as provide specific advise based on your postnatal goals.
Bookings can be made for in-clinic or online Postnatal Assessments

All clients who book a Postnatal Assessment will save $50 off their Birth & Beyond Program
Book an Assessment Now

What's included?

Video Icon 24 videos Text Icon 10 text files


Week 1 - Module 1
Welcome to Module 1 - Reconnect & Realign
2 mins
Your Support Diary - Module 1
Pelvic Floor Education Video
9 mins
Pelvic Floor Exercises
11 mins
Breath & Alignment - Education & Exercises
Breathing & Alignment Education
3 mins
Breathing & Alignment Exercises
9 mins
Posture in Feeding Tips
Posture Exercises
7 mins
Week 2 - Module 1
Breathing, Pelvic Floor & Abdominal Exercises
18 mins
Bladder Care
Upper Back Mobility Exercises
Upper Back Mobility Exercises
13 mins
Bowel Care Video & PDF
3 mins
Week 3 - Module 2
Welcome to Module 2 - Integration & Progression
1 min
Your Support Diary - Module 2
Exercise Video 1 (Module 2)
18 mins
Pelvic Floor Exercises in Lying
Pelvic Floor Exercises - Variations in Lying
10 mins
Prolapse Symptom Management
Week 4 - Module 2
Diastasis Presentation
12 mins
Exercise Video 2 (Module 2)
22 mins
Pelvic Floor Exercises in sitting
Pelvic Floor Exercises - Variations in Sitting
15 mins
C-Section Scar Mobilisation
Week 5 - Module 2
Returning to Sex After Child Birth (E-book)
Exercise Video 3 (Module 2)
26 mins
Week 6 - Module 2
Exercise Video 4 (Module 2)
33 mins
Week 7 - Module 3
Welcome to Module 3 - Prepare for More Impact
1 min
Your Support Diary - Module 3
Pelvic Floor Exercises - Variations in Kneeling
12 mins
Exercise Video 5 (Module 3)
21 mins
Week 8 - Module 3
Exercise Video 6 (Module 3)
31 mins
Week 9 - Module 3
Pelvic Floor Exercises - Variations in Standing
11 mins
Week 10 - Module 3
Exercise Video 7 (Module 3)
23 mins
Pelvic Floor Check
6 mins

Money Back Guarantee

We are very confident that you will enjoy and benefit from this program. In fact we guarantee that if you follow through the full 15 week program your outcomes will be much improved.
If for any reason you are not happy with the program in the first 14 days, we will refund you 100% or your purchase price!

Our Team

At Freedom Health we work as a team for a reason - because we believe teamwork and collaboration are keys to success. With a collective experience of over 120 years in the Health field, our broad range of experiences and interests can be matched to your specific needs. So no matter what the condition or concern, we can help you.